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Aldeia Capoeira
Aldeia Capoeira was founded in 2001 by Mestre Araminho and students. 
Aldeia means village and is an acronym of the words:
Arte (art) Luta (fight) Danca (dance) Esporte (Sport) Instrumento (Instrument) Alegria (happiness)
These are all key elements of capoeira.

Mestre Araminho

Mestre Araminho (Marcus Aurelio Alves Furtado) started capoeira in Fortaleza when he was 14 years old in november of 1981
with Mestre Joao Baiano and also learned from a capoeirista Wagner. The training location was quite far from his house.
When Mestre Squisito came to Fortaleza and started to give lessons, Mestre Araminho started to train with him. From him he received the name: Araminho: little iron wire, because he was flexible and strong.
When Mestre Squisito left Fortaleza, Mestre Araminho started training with Mestre Paulao who was a professor at that time of the group Senzala and was a student of Mestre Camisa. With him Mestre Araminho trained until receiving corda roxa (purple cord) in 1988. After this Mestre Araminho joined the group A.B.A.D.A. Capoeira of Mestre Camisa and received the same graduation, corda roxa in this group. In 1995 Mestre Araminho came to The Netherlands as a corda roxa (instrutor) of A.B.A.D.A. Capoeira. There he organized several events and workshops and also traveled throughout Europe.
In 2001 he founded his own group A.L.D.E.I.A. Capoeira together with students. In 2008 Mestre Araminho received the Master Title and graduation from Mestre Squisito

Aldeia Capoeira and its Teachers
Currently there are teachers active in Aldeia Capoeira, teaching in Rotterdam, Barendrecht, Hoek van Holland and Schiedam: 
ContraMestre Rouxinol, Professor Feijão, Instrutor Pererê, Graduado Tatuí, Graduado Colosso.

Aldeia Capoeira Graduation System (Adults)

Crua                           Raw material (White)   Iniciante
Crua - Amarela         White - Yellow               Iniciante
Amarela                     Yellow                            Aluno
Amarela Laranja       Yellow - Orange           Aluno
Laranja                       Orange                          Aluno
Laranja-Azul              Orange - Blue               Aluno
Azul                             Blue                               Graduado 

Azul-Verde                 Blue - Green                 Graduado
Verde                          Green                            Instrutor

Verde- Roxa               Green - Purple             Instrutor
Roxa                            Purple                           Professor
Roxa-Marrom            Purple Brown              Professor
Marrom                      Brown                           ContraMestre
Vermelha                   Red                                Mestre

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