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Mestre Araminho

Before Aldeia Capoeira was founded by Mestre Araminho. He was a part of a larger group, called Abada Capoeira.

He was one of the few teachers that made Capoeira very popular,  at the end of the 90s and beginning of 00s.


During his teachings of the last 30 years+, he has created several teachers who started their own groups and still inspires people to get the best out of themselves.  


The Teachers

A short description of the teachers of Aldeia Capoeira


Contra Mestre Rouxinol

The oldest student of Mestre Araminho. He has been teaching capoeira over 20 years.  Known for the great network and knowledge about old masters within capoeira. 

A walking encyclopedia in capoeira. 


Instrutor Perere

Teaching and training capoeira over 20 years. Started as a kid and now teaching other people to work on the perfect technique

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Graduado Tatuí

Supporting Mestre Araminho for several years as a student and curious to help other people becoming better in capoeira

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Graduado Colosso

Oldest student of Contra Mestre Rouxinol. teaching for 5 years. Helping to develop and promote Aldeia Capoeira 

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